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Marjon Verhoeven

Marjon is a dynamic Entrepreneur based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. As a serial Restauranteur, Marjon has been the leading force within the world of hospitality and event business, where she functioned as a coach for many young people. With an eye for people’s qualities and talents, Marjon knows how to provide a stimulating environment for growth. Since a decade, her passion lies within yoga and nutrition and in connecting with the intersection of the physical, mental, and emotional body. Within this endeavor, Marjon has travelled all around the globe following numerous trainings and courses, laying her foundation as a yogi in the heart of the tradition, India. Wiser through experience, Marjon is on her way to launch a new business in Delft, The Netherlands: her own Yoga Academy and Café, a place to learn, connect, and rewind, in the midst of the vibrant city life. Films, to her, aligns with this lifestyle, serving as a powerful tool to immerse in life in all its wonders and to be touched by the unexpected.