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Film Festivals To Go, FFTG is a New York-based film festival marketing and consulting company. 

FFTG Awards is established to provide new independent filmmakers an unique platform to showcase and brand their films. We are inviting films of all genres for the competition to win awards and get recognition in various categories. Entries are open for all nationalities. 

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The Competition

FFTG Awards is an online showcase, dedicated to bringing new audiences to the indie movie world. Nominated films will be screened on FFTG Awards Official Vimeo Channel during the festival dates for the Audience Choice Film of the Festival Award.  The selection is divided into several categories, which include Quarantine Films, Mobile Films, Micro Short Films, Web Series, Screenplay Competition, Shorts, and Feature Films in all genres and for the first time, a FFTG exclusive category, based on the theme TELCO is being introduced. TELCO stands for Taking Easy Looking Completely Occupied™. For a Sample Film click here!

There is no entry fee for filmmakers with a valid student ID and Age 18 & below. We all are students of life forever, hence these films will be reviewed within their category (student) because we know they have limited resources and no budget. However, these category winners will be awarded as Best Film, Filmmaker, Actor, Actress, etc NOT with the title “Student”.
We present the Youngest Selection Committee for filmmakers 18 & below.

FFTG Awards Screenplay Competition 2020

We’re so excited to invite screenwriters to participate in the FFTG Awards Screenplay Competition 2020. All will be promoted right alongside our films. For submission information, dates and deadlines check out the submission categories below.

If you have any doubts at all in choosing the right category please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

Dates & Deadlines

(**No entry fee for Filmmakers with Student Id and age 18 & below)

Submission Categories



Film based on the theme TELCO- Taking Easy Looking Completely Occupied™

Show the world how you Telco

Quarantine Film​

Mobile Film

Micro Short Film

Web Series

Short Film

Feature Film