A range of consulting services to filmmakers that are a few clicks away.

Film distributors and film strategists live within the same fraternity but have been kept separated in many ways. One of the main exceptions to that is their end goal: Your film should get the maximum exposure. Here is where Film Festivals To Go (FFTG) comes in; to bring the distributors and strategists together to take your film beyond your expectations towards its full potential.

We also understand that each film is to be approached with respect to its topic and target audience. Thus, our services are customizable to your needs.

  • Festivals: Which festival to apply to, maximizing the opportunities within each festival and strategizing your steps in the festival you end.
  • Distribution: A complete plan of the film release along with hybrid approaches, finding and signing the right domestic and foreign partners. Facilitating monetization of films to maximize ROI across various platforms including theatrical, off theatrical, VOD (SVOD, TVOD, AVOD, FVOD), Satellite rights and Digital including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Hotstar, Sony, Star, among others.
  • Online: Reaching out to the targeted audience digitally by creating a dynamic website and tying up with allied websites as well as direct the focus with appropriate mailing lists.
  • Direct Sales: Websites will add on to be the Ecommerce platform, selling all versions of your films, along with additional products that will also be able to minimize replication.


  • Review, discuss, strategize and execute the film festivals marketing strategy & distribution goals.
  • We guide you with the submissions to all the film festivals you wish to target and even represent you while following-up with them.
  • This includes the initializing, designing, execution and management of a film festival PR Campaign, from submitting your films to Fee wavering, Promotion, and Social Media Campaign, we cover it all!
  • Help you to secure invitations from film festivals.
  • Be a part of the marketing collaterals including the press kit.
  • We also engage to assist you in post-production work including teasers, trailers; finishing elements like color correction, sound design, mixing, etc. to enhance the overall production quality.
  • Upon selection at film festival, we will be a part of the complete strategy and formalities of screening including budgeting, time management, each festivals’ required respective screeing format etc., outlining the tasks before, during and after the festival.


Now! As early as possible!

So you’ve shot your film, spent countless hours in postproduction, and triumphantly screened your final cut. Now all you need to do is find out how you can get it up there so that the public can fall in love with your chef d’oeuvre, right? This is where FFTG comes in. A customized film festivals marketing and distribution strategy will help you maximize audience, revenues, impact, and career. This strategy will be designed based on your goals, your film’s content, its core audiences, and the opportunities in key avenues of distribution (from theatrical and television to direct sales) to build the awareness that gives you the head start to begin monetizing among targeted audience. Think of us as your fast track hands-on learning and exposure in to the real world film festival and distribution process.

However, we can take care of your needs at any stage you require us. Having a detailed strategy before applying to festivals, signing distributors or screening for the press, is essential. Whatever you need of us, we are just a thought away!